Benefit from being an IBEW 520 Signatory Contractor

As a signatory contractor with IBEW Local 520, you have access to an ample supply of manpower, consisting of the most highly skilled and highly trained electricians in central Texas. There are many advantages to being an IBEW 520 signatory contractor, including the following.


You can aggressively go after a wide variety of work knowing we can provide properly trained electricians and electrical workers.

Through our registered apprenticeship program, our apprentices learn the electrical trade through an earn while you learn model, as they make their way up the wage scale, allowing you to control some of your costs.


All members of IBEW Local 520 receive industry-leading OSHA safety training, which helps them work safely on jobsites. This can help limit downtime due to injury or death,  further helping your bottom line.

Little to no recruitment

IBEW 520 members are available when you need them, for as long as you need them. When a project is complete, their employment will move elsewhere or remain with you, moving on to the next jobsite.

At IBEW 520, we employ a fulltime organizing staff to meet the needs of our signatory contractor’s man power requests. From entry level apprentices to seasoned leadership, our organizing team has the skill and resources to help man your work.

By becoming a signatory contractor with IBEW Local 520, you no longer have to worry about wasting time chasing new prospects or conducting interviews. Put our skilled, qualified electricians to work.

Out of town contractors

We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable electrical subcontractor in a new city. Do they have the manpower to get the job done? Do they meet the qualifications for Davis-Bacon/Prevailing wage jobs? Are all their employees licensed in the state of Texas and have OSHA safety training?

With over 1,500 members of all experience levels, IBEW 520 is the right choice for quality electrical work.

Our signatory contractors can handle anything from heavy commercial and industrial to residential and maintenance. Our workforce is highly skilled, licensed, and OSHA certified. Consider IBEW 520 for your next project in the greater Austin area. We look forward to working with you.

Interested in learning more?

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